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CNC Turning Service

Experience high-quality and quick services with Naxtry. Our skilled technicians use advanced CNC Turning machines to manufacture your components to your exact specifications, ensuring precision and accuracy in every project.

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Quick Overview

1. Our Capabilities 

2. Materials

3. Cost

4. Surface Finishing

5. Advantages

1. Our CNC Turning Service Capabilities

Naxtry’s CNC turning centers also feature advanced technology and cutting-edge software, which allow for faster machining and improved overall accuracy. With Naxtry’s services, customers can expect high-quality parts, fast turnaround times, and exceptional customer support.

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2-axis CNC Turning Service

Naxtry offers 2-axis CNC turning service for precise machining of complex parts. Our experienced machinists and state-of-the-art equipment ensure efficient and accurate production of parts. Contact us for all your 2-axis needs.

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Multi-axis Turning Service

Naxtry provides precision Multi-axis Turning services, giving design engineers more options for creating prototypes and commercial products. With our advanced Multi-axis Turn machines, we are able to deliver more complex and intricate parts with better accuracy and consistency.

Our CNC Turning Size Limitations and Tolerances

Our capabilities have size limitations that are determined by the size of the center and the length and diameter of the workpiece.Our engineers and technicians work closely with our customers to ensure that the final product meets the specified requirements and exceeds customer expectations.


2-axis CNC Turning


Imperial units

Metric units

Imperial units

Metric units

Maximum Dimensions

D 50 x 60 in

D 1270 x 1524 mm

D 16 x 25 in

D 406 x 635 mm

Minimum Dimensions

D 0.16 x 0.05 in

D 4.06 x 1.27 mm

D 0.16 x 0.05 in

D 4.06 x 1.27 mm


+/- 0.005 in

+/- 0.127 mm

+/- 0.005 in

+/- 0.127 mm

*Upto +/-0.0005 in( 0.0127mm),according to customer specifications

Looking for CNC Turning Services On-demand?

If you are looking for CNC Turning services on-demand, you may want to consider working with a trusted and experienced manufacturing partner like Naxtry. Naxtry offers a wide range of precision services for a variety of materials, including instant quotes for over 50 metals and plastics. With advanced machining centers and a fast turnaround time, Naxtry can provide efficient and reliable solutions for your prototyping and production needs.

2. CNC Turning Service Materials

Get instant quotes for your needs with Naxtry! Our top-quality CNC Turning services offer a wide range of options for prototyping and commercial product creation with over 50 choices of metals and plastics. Choose from materials such as aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium, and many types of plastics. Experience the best with Naxtry today!


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> Light weight
> High strength
> Excellent conductivity
Price: $
Common types:AL-6061AL-7075AL-5052

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> Good machinability
> High corrosion resistance
> Attractive appearance
Price: $$
Common types: Brass-C26000Brass-C36000

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> Electrical & thermal conductivity
> High ductility
> Excellent corrosion resistance
Price: $$
Common types:Copper-C101Copper-C110

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Stainless Steel

> High strength
> Durability
> Resistance to corrosion
Price: $$$
Common types:SS-304 SS-316


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> Impact resistance,
> High strength-to-weight ratio,
> Ease of machining.
Price: $$
Common types:ABS ABS-FR ABS-PC

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> Strong and durable
> Lightweight
> Chemical resistance
Price: $$
Common types: Nylon 6Nylon 6/6Nylon 12Nylon-GF

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Acetal(Delrin, POM)

> High strength and stiffness
> Wear resistance
> Good dimensional stability
Price: $$
Common types: POM-CPOM-HPOM-GF

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> High temperature resistance

> Chemical resistance

> Mechanical strength

Price: $$$

Common types:PEEKPEEK-GF

3. CNC Turning Services Cost

Estimating the cost of CNC turning services involves considering various crucial factors. To help you accurately assess costs, let’s dissect the formula for determining the final cost of a project:

Materials Cost

+ Shop Rate* x Hours Spend

    + One Time Cost (Programming + Setup + Tooling Fixtures)     

= Final Cost


Shop Rate* of CNC Turning

Other Cost



Materials Cost

One Time Cost

US in General

80 USD / Hour

130 USD / Hour



Canada in General

72 USD / Hour

117 USD / Hour




59 USD / Hour

99 USD / Hour



These Costs are for reference.Actual costs depend on project specifics.

4. Surface Finishing for CNC Turned Parts

Surface finishing options play a crucial role in enhancing turned parts in terms of their appearance, durability, and functionality. 

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Anodizing is an electrochemical process that enhances the corrosion resistance and durability of metal parts, especially aluminum. It involves immersing the part in an electrolytic solution and applying an electric current. 

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Sand Blasting

Sandblasting, or abrasive blasting, is a process where fine glass beads or other abrasives are propelled at high pressure onto the surface of the part. This method cleans and prepares the surface, creating a matte finish.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating involves applying a dry powder to the surface of the part, which is then cured in an oven. The powder melts, creating a smooth and durable coating. It’s available in a wide range of colors and finishes.

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Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that smoothens and brightens the surface of metal parts, including stainless steel. It removes a thin layer of material, leaving a smooth, glossy finish.

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Black Oxide

Black oxide coating is a chemical conversion coating process for ferrous metals like steel. It forms a black, matte finish on the surface, which provides mild corrosion resistance and an attractive appearance.

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Electroplating is a process where a thin layer of metal is deposited onto the surface of a part using an electrolytic solution. This process improves the part’s appearance and can enhance its properties.

5. Advantages of Our CNC Turning Service


Naxtry provides high-quality CNC turning services with precision tolerances ranging from +/- 0.0005in (0.0127mm) according to customer specifications. Our machining centers are computer-controlled, ensuring rigorous measurements and minimizing the risk of human error. Contact us today with your CAD files for a free quote and manufacturability review.


Naxtry’s services offer fast and efficient machining operations, thanks to computer-controlled machines that eliminate human limitations. With rapid loading and unloading of parts, our processes achieve high-speed operations for reduced costs and faster turnaround times.


Naxtry offers competitive CNC turning services with fast turnaround times and cost savings. Our stable raw material suppliers ensure competitive quotes, while the nature of operations means lower hourly costs. With minimal human interaction required, one skilled operator can run several machines at once. 

6. What is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is a machining process that involves removing material from a workpiece by rotating it on a spindle while a cutting tool removes material from the surface. The process is computer-controlled and the cutting tool is typically stationary, allowing for precise and efficient removal of material. It is commonly used to produce cylindrical parts, such as shafts and sleeves, as well as parts with complex geometries, such as those found in the aerospace and automotive industries. The process is used in a wide range of applications, including prototyping, small-scale production, and large-scale manufacturing.

Difference Between CNC Milling and CNC Turning



The difference between CNC turning and milling is which part actually moves – the machine itself or the raw material. 


Diff 1 : Function mechanism


> CNC Milling machine uses rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece, which is usually held in place on a table. The table can move in multiple directions, allowing for precise cuts to be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.


> CNC Turning involves the use of a lathe and a workpiece that rotates on a spindle. The cutting tool is held stationary, and it moves along the workpiece to remove material and create the desired shape. It is commonly used for cylindrical parts, such as shafts and tubes.


Diff 2 : Operations


> CNC Milling involves removing material from a solid workpiece using a rotating cutter. The cutting tool moves along multiple axes to create complex shapes and features, such as slots, holes, and grooves.


> CNC Turning involves rotating a workpiece while a single-point cutting tool removes material to create cylindrical or conical shapes. The cutting tool moves along two axes to create the desired shape, and the finished part is typically symmetrical around an axis of rotation.


Diff 3 : Shapes produced


> CNC Milling is ideal for creating complex shapes, such as asymmetrical or irregular geometries. It can produce shapes with multiple features on different planes and angles, as well as various surface finishes.

> CNC Turning is best for producing symmetrical round shapes such as cylinders, cones, and spheres. It is also used for creating features like grooves, threads, and knurls on round parts.

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7. Top 10 FAQs of CNC Turning Services

What types of materials can be used for CNC turning?

It can be used with a wide range of materials, including metals like aluminum, steel, brass, and plastics like acrylic and nylon.

What is the difference between CNC turning and CNC milling?

CNC turning primarily creates cylindrical parts by rotating the workpiece. CNC milling, on the other hand, involves a stationary workpiece and a rotating cutting tool to create various shapes.

How long does a CNC turning project take?

Project duration varies based on complexity, material, and quantity. Simple parts may take hours, while complex projects may take days or weeks.

What file formats are suitable for CNC turning?

Our machines typically accept CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files in formats like STEP, IGES, or DWG for creating the CNC program.

Can CNC turning handle both small and large quantities?

Yes, It is versatile and can efficiently produce both small prototype batches and large production runs.

What is the difference between CNC and conventional turning?

Yes, Conventional turning is a manual process where an operator controls the lathe and cutting tool. CNC turning, on the other hand, is automated and computer-controlled, offering higher precision, repeatability, and the ability to create more complex parts.

Can CNC turning handle intricate or custom designs?

Yes, Our machines can produce intricate and custom designs with the right programming. They are capable of creating complex geometries and contours as specified in the design.

What is the cost difference between CNC turning and other machining methods?

The cost of CNC turning varies based on factors like material, complexity, and quantity. Generally, It is cost-effective for small to medium-sized batches and offers competitive pricing compared to other precision machining methods.

Do you have a minimum order quantity for CNC projects?

No, we do not have a minimum order quantity for projects. We can produce small prototype runs as well as large production runs.

What is the turnaround time for CNC turned parts?

Turnaround time can vary based on factors like part complexity and order size. It generally offers shorter lead times compared to manual machining methods.

8. CNC Turning Applications

CNC turning can be used to produce parts for various products.Naxtry offers an incredible range of capabilities and can support from rapid prototyping to production solutions for aerospace, automotive,industrial,electronics,medical and robotics.


App 1 :  Aerospace——It is a widespread process in the aerospace industry. It produces parts from various materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.


App 2 :  Automotive——Turning processes are versatile in creating intricate parts for automotive applications. The process can be used to create parts from metal, plastic, or other materials. Some of the most common uses are in manufacturing car parts and accessories, motor vehicles, and aircraft components. 


App 3 :  Industrial——Industry that requires tight tolerances for the safety-critical application of CNC Turning is the oil and gas industry. This sector leverage the uses of machine for precise, reliable parts such as pistons, cylinders, rods, pins, and valves.


App 4 :  Electronics——It have been at the forefront of manufacturing technologies used in the electronics.Essential electronics components, including printed circuit boards, heat sinks, sockets, and connectors, are usually manufactured using CNC machines.


App 5 :  Medical——Turning have been around for decades medical that was among the slowest industries to adopt computer numerical control technology.The medical industry relies on many custom bodily implants (for example, knee and hip replacement implants) to fit the needs of its patients. 


App 6 :  Robotics——Lead times for turning parts are comparatively lower than many other processes. Design to the final part can take as little as a few hours. This allows for the rapid iteration and refinement required by many custom robotic applications.


9. Why Choose Our Turning Services

Contact us today to experience the Naxtry difference.

Optimize your manufacturing process with Naxtry’s innovative technology solutions. With a decade of experience serving a diverse range of clients, we are experts in delivering top-quality results for CNC milling & Turning, sheet metal, injection molding, and more. Let us help you bring your ideas to life and elevate your manufacturing game with our proven track record of success.Our commitment to excellence is evident in:


> Top-brand On-Demand Manufacturers in North America

> Precision Machining Expertise

> 3-day Fast Delivery

> Competitive Pricing

> 20,000,000+ Parts Experience


At Naxtry, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to meet all of your needs.

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10. Discover our other Manufacturing Services

On-demand CNC Milling and Sheet Metal Fabrication service by Naxtry to engineers, product developers, designers offer fast, good quality,affordable manufacturing of rapid prototyping and production parts.

We offer quick turnaround times and competitive pricing for high-quality, precise milling of a variety of materials, such as Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Plastics. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver accurate results that meet your specifications. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn how our CNC milling services can help bring your designs to life.

For high-quality sheet metal fabrication service, count on us to provide cutting-edge processes that transform raw materials into finished products. Our expertise and resources enable us to handle a variety of processes, including laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, bending, stamping, welding, and finishing techniques.