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Looking for reliable and efficient CNC milling solutions? Naxtry offers top-notch services for precision parts manufacturing in North America. With our advanced technology and experienced team, we ensure high-quality results for all your rapid prototyping and production needs.

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Quick Overview

1. Our Capabilities 

2. Materials

3. Cost

4. Surface Finishing

5. Prototypting & Profuction

1. Our CNC Milling Capabilities

Naxtry offers top-quality CNC milling services for rapid prototyping and production parts in North America (the United States and Canada). Our team provides precision milling on 3-axis, 3+2-axis, and 5-axis machine.

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3-axis,3+2-axis CNC Milling Service

Naxtry provides top-notch 3-axis and 3+2-axis CNC milling services for customized parts made of various materials including plastics and metals, simple or complex designs. Our 3-axis and 3+2-axis machines offer cost-effective machining solutions for low volume production runs.

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5-axis CNC Milling Service

Naxtry’s 5-axis machining services can handle complex parts with ease. Our advanced 5-axis machines offer superior precision and versatility for all your custom machining needs. Get unparalleled results for your projects with Naxtry’s services.

Our CNC Milling Size Limitations and Tolerances

At our CNC milling service, we offer a wide range of size capabilities for your custom CNC parts, with limitations determined by the size of our machines and the type of material being machined. We adhere to strict tolerances to ensure the accuracy and precision of each part, and strive to meet or exceed your specifications with every project.


3-axis and 3+2-axis CNC Milling

5-axis CNC Milling

Imperial units

Metric units

Imperial units

Metric units

Maximum Dimensions

64 x 32 x 20 in

1625 x 812 x 508 mm

42 x 24 x 20 in

1066 x 609 x 508 mm

Minimum Dimensions

0.25 x 0.25 x 0.04 in

6.35 x 6.35 x 1.02 mm

0.25 x 0.25 x 0.04 in

6.35 x 6.35 x 1.02 mm


+/- 0.005 in

+/- 0.127 mm

+/- 0.005 in

+/- 0.127 mm

*Upto +/-0.0005 in( 0.0127mm),according to customer specifications

2. CNC Milling Service Materials

Get instant quotes for your needs with Naxtry! Our top-quality CNC milling services offer a wide range of options for prototyping and commercial product creation with 50+ choices of metals and plastics. Experience the best with Naxtry today!


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> Light weight
> High strength
> Excellent conductivity
Price: $
Common types:AL-6061AL-7075AL-5052

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> Good machinability
> High corrosion resistance
> Attractive appearance
Price: $$
Common types: Brass-C26000 Brass-C36000 

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> Electrical & thermal conductivity
> High ductility
> Excellent corrosion resistance
Price: $$
Common types:Copper-C101Copper-C110

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Stainless Steel

> High strength
> Durability
> Resistance to corrosion
Price: $$$
Common types:SS-304 SS-316


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> Impact resistance,

> High strength-to-weight ratio,
> Ease of machining.
Price: $$
Common types:ABS ABS-FR ABS-PC

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Acetal(Delrin, POM)
> High strength and stiffness > Wear resistance > Good dimensional stability Price: $$ Common types: POM-CPOM-HPOM-GF
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> Strong and durable > Lightweight > Chemical resistance Price: $$ Common types: Nylon 6Nylon 6/6Nylon 12Nylon-GF
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> Chemical resistance
> Strength and rigidity
> Cost-effectiveness
Price: $ 
Common types:PPPP-CPP-HPP-GF

3. CNC Milling Services Cost

Calculating the cost of CNC milling services is a multi-faceted process. Dive into the key elements influencing the final expense of your project. Learn about material costs, shop rates, hours dedicated, and one-time expenditures that collectively determine the overall cost:



Materials Cost

+ Shop Rate* x Hours Spend

    + One Time Cost (Programming + Setup + Tooling Fixtures)     

= Final Cost


Shop Rate*

Other Cost

3-axis & 3+2-axis


Materials Cost

One Time Cost

US in General

100 USD / Hour

150 USD / Hour



Canada in General

90 USD / Hour

135 USD / Hour




79 USD / Hour

119 USD / Hour



These Costs are for reference.Actual costs depend on project specifics.

4. Surface finishing Gallery of CNC Milled Parts

Our gallery showcases our expertise in surface finishing for a wide variety of Milled parts. Browse through images of our finished projects and see how we bring precision and quality to every project. Experience the exceptional workmanship of Naxtry’s CNC Milling services today.

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5. CNC Milling Rapid Prototyping & Production

Naxtry offers a streamlined manufacturing process, from concept to design, prototyping, and production. Experience efficiency and cost-effectiveness, backed by our expertise and cutting-edge equipment. Explore precision services at our shop.

Turn your ideas into reality with Naxtry’s advanced rapid prototyping technologies. Our services provide designers with the tools they need to bring their concepts to life swiftly and effectively. Experience the limitless potential of your creativity with Naxtry’s precision CNC milling service.


> Lead times as far as 3 day

Experience the epitome of precision and quality with Naxtry, a leading provider of CNC milling services in North America. Benefit from competitive pricing and swift turnaround times, meeting all your manufacturing requirements. Trust Naxtry to deliver precision and excellence to your production projects.


>Cut costs by 20%+ without middlemen

6.CNC Milling Design Tips

Designing for CNC milling requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal functionality, manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness. Here are some concise design tips:

Efficient tool access design not only speeds up the machining process but also lowers production costs and improves the overall quality of CNC-machined parts.

Precisely defined tolerance requirements not only ensure that your CNC-machined parts meet design specifications but also contribute to efficient manufacturing and reduced production costs. 

simplifying designs is a crucial aspect of optimizing parts for CNC milling. Simplifying your designs not only reduces CNC milling costs but also enhances manufacturability and reduces the risk of errors. 

Top CNC Milling Service Supplier in North America

Naxtry is the leading provider of top-notch CNC milling services in Canada, offering a wide range of services backed by decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing. Trust Naxtry for all your needs.

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1000+ CNC Milling Projects Delivered
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7. Top 3 Types of Modern CNC Milling

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Vertical Milling

Vertical milling is one of the most commonly used types of CNC milling processes. In vertical milling, the spindle axis is vertically oriented, allowing the cutting tool to move up and down along the Z-axis. This setup enables precise control over the depth and position of the cuts. Vertical milling machines typically have a vertical column mounted on a base that supports the workpiece and the cutting tool.
One of the key advantages of vertical milling is its versatility. It can perform a wide range of machining operations, including face milling, end milling, drilling, and tapping. The vertical orientation of the spindle also makes it easier to machine flat surfaces and create slots and pockets. Additionally, the machines are well-suited for batch production, as they can easily accommodate multiple workpieces.
The machines come in various sizes, from small benchtop models to large industrial machines. They are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and general machining. The precision, stability, and flexibility offered by the machines make them a popular choice for many applications.

Horizontal Milling

Horizontal milling is another widely used CNC milling process. In this technique, the spindle axis is horizontally oriented, and the cutting tool moves along the X and Y axes. The workpiece is typically mounted on a horizontal table or fixture that allows for precise positioning and machining.
One of the primary advantages of horizontal milling is its ability to handle heavy-duty machining tasks. Horizontal milling machines are often used for roughing operations, such as removing large amounts of material or creating deep slots. They excel at tasks that require a high material removal rate, as the horizontal orientation allows for efficient chip evacuation. This makes them ideal for machining large workpieces or performing operations such as grooving, slotting, and contouring.
Horizontal milling machines are available in different configurations, including plain horizontal, universal, and production models. They are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and mold making. While horizontal machines may require more floor space compared to vertical machines, their ability to handle heavy-duty machining tasks makes them indispensable in many applications.

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5-axis Milling

5-axis milling is an advanced CNC milling process that offers enhanced capabilities in terms of flexibility and precision. As the name suggests, 5-axis involves simultaneous movement of the cutting tool along five axes: X, Y, Z, as well as rotation around the X and Y axes. This allows for machining complex shapes and angles that would be challenging or impossible to achieve with traditional 3-axis or 4-axis milling.
One of the key advantages of 5-axis is the ability to machine complex geometries in a single setup. It eliminates the need for multiple setups and reduces the chances of errors due to repositioning. This is particularly advantageous in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical, where intricate designs and tight tolerances are common.
5-axis machines offer greater flexibility and accessibility to all sides of the workpiece, enabling the production of highly complex parts with minimal setups and tool changes. They are capable of machining surfaces at different angles, creating undercuts, and producing sculptured forms with ease. 5-axis is often used in applications such as turbine blades, aerospace components, and medical implants.

8. 5 Advantages of Our CNC Milling Service

Discover the benefits of using state-of-the-art machines for your projects. The machines’ advanced technology delivers high-quality, precise, and efficient results for plastic and metal materials. Experience the productivity and versatility of services from Naxtry. Here are 5 advantages of these automated machines for plastic and metal:

Advantage 1 : Precision——Advantages of CNC Milling include precision and consistency, thanks to computer-controlled operation. CNC machining eliminates the possibility of human error, producing precise and consistent parts with each use. Trust our team for reliable, high-quality CNC milling services. Discover our other Manufacturing Services On-demand CNC Turning and Injectiong Molding service by Naxtry to engineers, product developers, designers offer fast, good quality,affordable manufacturing of rapid prototyping and production parts.

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Advantage 2 : Efficiency——Additionally, technology allows for the use of multiple tools in a single setup, which saves time and improves efficiency in the machining process. This advanced technology also enables the ability to make adjustments on the fly, leading to reduced production time and increased production accuracy. As a result, CNC milling has become a popular choice among manufacturers and engineers in a wide range of industries.

Advantage 3 : Affordable——This allows for a reduction in labor costs as compared to manual machining, as well as increased productivity and efficiency. Additionally, machines are capable of producing parts with high precision, which leads to reduced waste and lower production costs. The use of computer-aided design software also enables the creation of complex and intricate parts that may not be possible through manual means. Overall, it offers a cost-effective solution for mass production and high-volume orders in various industries, making it a popular choice for manufacturers.

Advantage 4 : Wide Range of Materials Options——This versatility in material and process options makes an ideal solution for creating complex and intricate parts in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and more. The manufacturer has the ability to produce high-quality, precise parts with a high degree of consistency and accuracy, meeting even the most stringent of tolerances and specifications.

Advantage 5 : Producible——This makes ideal for mass production, where large quantities of identical parts are required. The ability to produce multiple items from the same design reduces production time and costs, as there is no need to constantly reset or reprogram the machine for each new item. It also ensures that each part produced is identical, which is essential for high-quality, precise, and accurate products.

9. CNC Milling Engineering Guide

CNC Milling Service – Expertly Executed with Precision CAD Design and Machine Operation. Our Process starts with the creation of a highly accurate CAD part design. The design is then exported to control the movements of the CNC machine and tooling during the milling operation. Our skilled operators use the machine interface to launch the program and ensure a precise execution of the milling process every time.

Step 1 :  What is CNC milling——CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling is a machining process that uses computer-controlled machines to produce parts with precise dimensions. The machine is programmed with a computer-aided design (CAD) software to dictate the movements of the cutting tool and machine, resulting in accurate and efficient production of parts. CNC milling can produce a wide range of products, including complex shapes and geometries, and can be used with a variety of materials including metals, plastics, and composites.

Step 2 :  How to design for CNC milling——Maximize the Efficiency of your CNC Milling with Optimal CAD Design. Ensure cost-effective and suitable CAD designs by following our expert tips on tolerances, angles, undercuts, walls, hole depths/diameters, and threads. Contact us for professional guidance on achieving the best results with CNC milling.

Step 3 :  How to choose Materials for CNC milling——Choosing the Right Material for Your Project. A range of factors can impact the choice of material, including purpose, intended environment (indoors or outdoors), stress load, dimensional tolerance, machinability, fastening requirements, temperature range, chemical and corrosion resistance, weight capacity, durability and strength, and raw material cost. Contact us for expert advice on selecting the ideal material for your CNC milling project.

Step 4 :  What is cost reduction tips——Here are some brief tips to reduce costs:

> Optimize material choice

> Batch process parts

> Choose efficient cutting tools

> Maximize machine utilization

> Automate tasks

> Minimize waste

> Regular maintenance.

By following these tips, you can help lower costs and improve efficiency in CNC milling.

Step 5 :  How to choose CNC milling services——When choosing CNC milling services, the three most important factors to consider are:

> Equipment: Ensure that the service provider has modern, well-maintained machines and tools to ensure high-quality production and quick turnaround times.

> Quality control: Ensure that the service provider has a quality control process in place to ensure that parts meet your specifications and requirements.

> Cost: Compare quotes from different service providers to determine the best value for money.

By considering these three factors, you can find a CNC milling service provider that has the necessary equipment, quality control processes, and competitive pricing to meet your needs.

10. Our Other Manufacturing Services

On-demand CNC Turning and Injectiong Molding service by Naxtry to engineers, product developers, designers offer fast, good quality,affordable manufacturing of rapid prototyping and production parts.

With Naxtry’s precision CNC Turning services, you can expect precise and accurate results for your specific machining needs. Our experienced machinists use advanced technology and techniques to deliver top-quality turning operations such as turning, hard turning, facing, grooving, boring, threading, and reaming, making us the premier choice for all CNC machining services.

Our company offers a complete end-to-end manufacturing service, starting from raw material verification, tool making, part fabrication, finishing, and final inspection. With our advanced injection molding technology, we can produce high-quality custom plastic molded prototypes and production parts, with the added options of mode and die, extrusion and die casting. Contact us today to find out more.